Brandon Basco

Computer Programmer / Technician


About Me

Name: Brandon Basco

In 2016, when I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a B.S. in Interactive Arts & Media, I gained the knowledge to program video games and interactive websites. My interests include front end and back end development. I have excellent debugging skills, which I put to use at Ace Computers, in Des Plaines, IL.
Along the way, my degree included several creative design classes, so I look at everything I develop with an artistic eye. So far, I’ve created logos, built websites, and in my free time continue to work on my own games.


Programming Languages

Tools Used


My programming projects are listed on separate page. Please click on the image to be taken to an external page.


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Thank you for your interest in my work. This site is still under-development so if you would like to reach me please email me at the address above. For the time being this site may look incorrect in some browsers, if you’re having trouble seeing something or just have a question please feel free to Email me.